The idea for The Bansuri was born in 1994, when the owner of the Bansuri automotive was going to his village. The idea came to him suddenly to grab the attention of the people while driving and also being entertaining while asking people to move lanes. So Mr. M N Kikani decided to develop Basuri - a musical horn system. 

It took him more than 2 years to develop the musical air horn and found sucess in 1997. Many companies tried hard to copy him but did not succeed. 

Bansuri started with only musical horns in 1997 and today it makes horns for various market segments. We started exporting in 2015 and have achieved overwhelming response even abroad. 

People love our product and today we are trying to make the whole world happy. Through Air horn, people get pleasantly surprised while our horn keeps them safe in a musical way!


To become a world leader in musical horn production


To have such varieties of musical horn and accessories to be able cater to everyones preference in music.